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Our Services

Live Virtual Training

Do you keep hearing about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin and wonder what is going on? What are cryptocurrencies and NFTs? Where are people getting them and how do you safely store them? Why was the Coinbase IPO a big deal and what does it mean for the broader industry? If you are curious about these topics but feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, a live training virtually or in-person is the perfect place to start to get a hands on introduction to safely engaging with this new asset class.

Workshops and Demos

How does blockchain secure data differently from other databases? When is it actually useful? What can blockchain do besides facilitate virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum?   

Whether you need an introductory workshop or a demonstration building a hypothetical use case specific to your industry - we'll design a course or presentation that ensures you walk away ready to put your new-found knowledge into practice.

Advisory Services

Tech firms, educational institutions and nonprofits are increasingly coming in contact with blockchain technology and virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. How does it all work? What opportunities or threats does blockchain pose to your existing business structure? Together, we will analyze your operations against blockchain trends to identify and prepare a plan of action to keep your firm competitive.

Technical Writing

It is hard to use a brilliant product if no one knows how it works. From writing step by step manuals and resource libraries to editing distributed ledger technology (DLT) standards reports, Demetrius Consulting can provide the materials you need so that new users understand how to get started with your latest innovation.

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