Blockchain technology has been dominating headlines for years, but the real world implications remain unclear for most individuals and small businesses. As this technology grows in popularity, it will become essential to understand how it impacts your daily business operations. Industries like accounting are already being redefined by this new technology. 


Demetrius Consulting helps your organization cut through the buzz with orientations and hands-on trainings that make the blockchain real. Check out the service listings page to find out how a capacity building package with Demetrius Consulting can benefit your team today. 


Skylar Hurwitz worked in financial capacity building for nonprofits prior to joining the blockchain industry full-time in late 2017 as an independent industry analyst. His most recent activities include editing the reports of the UN's International Telecommunication Union's (ITU-T) Focus Group on Application of Distributed Ledger Technology (FG-DLT) and writing technical guidance for blockchain developers to communicate the business relevance of their new tools.


Skylar's combination of real world experience and technical know-how provide him with the ideal skill set to bring organizations up to speed on the tangible implications of this complex technology. 

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